Faculty Biography For:

Ed Hungerford
Ph.D., Georgia Tech, 1967

Physics Department
University of Houston
Houston, Texas 77204-5005

Office: SR1-408
Phone: (713) 743-3549

The objectives of our research program are to: (1) investigate selected, forefront problems in experimental intermediate energy physics; (2) educate students in this field of research; and, (3) develop the instrumentation necessary to undertake our experimental program. Generally, the research is designed to search for physical processes, which cannot be explained by conventional models of elementary interactions. As one example, we use nuclear targets, where the nucleus provides a many-body environment of strongly interacting particles, and where one attempts to observe the perturbation of a known interaction by this environment. Because the effects we seek may be masked by the complexity of the many body system, the experiments must be carefully chosen and analyzed for deviations from conventional models of particle interactions. There were two major thrusts of our program: (1) strange particle physics, where a strange quark is embedded in the nuclear medium; and (2) muon electro-weak interactions, where one seeks a violation of the standard model of the electro-weak interactions. More complete details of our program may be obtained from our website http://homer.phys.uh.edu.